Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Sales Prospecting - Cart before the Horse?

I don't know how many times I see people who are struggling with sales figures and yet they can't see that it's a numbers game. Anyway, to highlight the issues I have created a spreadsheet which walks you through an analysis of sales performance. It also homes in on conversion rates etc. It's only in its infancy but I will improve it over time (hopefully).

It also surprises me that people throw lots of salespeople (along with all the other expenses such as cars etc) at the problem and then don't spend any money generating leads. It all ends in tears and lots of wasted money. After 20 years of getting it wrong, the penny dropped for me. I.e. Marketing generates leads and when your sales people can't handle the leads, take another one on. Simple really.

The spreadsheet will be available at in the next few days from www.mentornet.co.uk

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