Saturday, 29 August 2009

How to tell if your advertising budget is being wasted

As you may have heard, 90% of all advertising is a waste of time so when the Yellow Pages person comes to flog you another very expensive advert, you may want to be armed with data for the previous year. The old line of "If you took half a page instead of 1/4 page you would get much better results" just doesn't wash. How can you analyse response? Obtain an 0800/0845 number for each advert that you place and also use a different email address for each advert. Map the 08XX number to a different telephone number or line and you have a simple analysis. If someone rings 0800 123567 then it's Brighton directory. If they call 0800 567890, it's London. You can get these numbers free and if you want any, just drop me a response to this or use the enquiry form at

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