Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Sales Recruiting

I am not sure that I ever entirely cracked this one! There are a few lessons you learn after recruiting several lazy idiots and these are:-

1. The best interview candidates can be the best "blaggers"
2. Always, ignore written references and make a 'phone call to the last employers. What they will say is far more than they will write! A key question... "Would you employ them again?"
3. If you really like the candidate it doesn't mean they can close a sale.
4. Use psychometric testing. It's only part of the picture but an important one.
5. Consider using IQ testing if the job needs a few brain cells.
6. It's often better to train someone to sell from scratch than to teach a salesperson your products - Can you train someone to sell from within your business?
7. Be more thorough about sales people that use agencies. If they are that good at selling, why would they use an agent?
8. If you do use an agency, make them work for their fee and do all the above.
9. Those that want big basics and small commission should be bypassed (in my opinion). Ask them their minimum outgoings and offer them less than that as a basic. It gives them hunger. You can always guarantee a bit of commission for the first couple of months.

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